Costa Mesa Moving Company
Serving the greater Orange County area for over 25 years.

Moving Supplies

Boxes  Description Price
Small 1.5 cu. ft.  Books, small and heavier items. $2.00 ea.
Medium 3.0 cu ft.  Pillows, over sized books, lamp shades $3.00 ea.
Large 4.5 cu ft.  Lamp shades, comforters, pillows $3.75 ea.
Dish Pack 5.0 cu ft.  Dishes, glasses, etc. $5.50 ea.
XL 6.0 cu ft  Larger light items. $4.25 ea.
Mirror Pack  Mirrors/Pictures/Paintings $3.50 ea.
4 Piece Mirror Pack  Oversized Pictures/Paintings $8.00 set (4)
Lamp Box  Lamps $4.00 ea.
20" Wardrobe Box w/Bar  Hanging Clothes, shoes, etc. $10.00 ea.

Supplies  Description Price
Plastic Tape  For use with a tape gun $2.50 ea
Paper Tape  Strong on boxes - tears easily by hand $6.50
Packing Paper 30 lb Bundle  Newsprint paper without the print $1.00/ LB
Pathrite Carpet Protection   Protects carpet from rain, mud, etc. $0.50/ ft
Stretch Wrap  Protects mattresses, box springs, upholstered  furniture $20/roll
Paper Pads  4 x 5 ft paper pad to protect furniture in storage.  $2.00 ea

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